Currently there are about 2.1 billion people that are using their smartphone on a daily basis. The current estimate is that a total of about 2 million mobile apps will have been developed by the end of 2016. Despite this large number of apps there are still uncountable opportunities within the app business, as long as you are progressive.

Link For Solutions is a young company that focusses on creating innovative solutions for every market and funnel these solutions into mobile applications. Our apps comply with, and are given shape from a progressive mindset where the requirements of the client and app users always comes first. Who, What, Why, When, Where, How and How much are the first questions we fill. We offer a turnkey solution by out of the box thinking.

We do not believe in problems and love challenges where we can make things easier and take away stress. Our main goal is to bring change to the world and start on this with ourselves.

Our Apps

Link For Ink

Link For Ink is a social network for Tattoo Loveres and Artists. With this app you can start eploring the unimaginaable big tattoo scene and get inspiration for your next tattoo. A tattoo is a special piece of art that stays with you for the rest of your life and should be considered well. Link For Ink will help you with this.

The best etwork for Tattoo Lovers and Artists.

In this app you can explore and compare all possible styles, Artist and possibilities in a fun way. The app can help you find the most suitable Artist for you based on Style, Experience, Distance and Cost.

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